Because the World Needs More Still-Lifes

Drawings and Sketches

I’m not a watercolorist but I like to watercolor.

Watercolor of banana and apple

I’d rather sketch my surroundings (if I happen to see a fruit or vegetable, great) and would not have sat down to make any of these still-lifes, but my wife requested them for a group class project. They’re rebranding Trader Joe’s, coming up with original brands for the store, and these watercolors are being incorporated into a baby food product.

Watercolor of carrots and pumpkin

Whenever I paint with watercolors I limit myself to Prang’s pan set of 8 colors. Limiting choices helps me stretch my rudimentary knowledge in color theory.

Watercolor of pears and grapes

I painted most of these while watching the 49ers beat the Seahawks. If making watercolors while watching helps improve their win column then I’ll be making more next week.

Watercolor of kiwiWatercolor of blueberries

Is it a still-life if you used Google Images?

Watercolor of watermelon