More Do. Less Say.

Cartoons and Comics

 dude with easel, dude running, dude swimming, dude at piano

You’ve been talking about that drawing idea for a while now. Time to pick up the pen and put it to paper.

You’ve been feeling guilty about your New Year’s resolution to run more, and you’ve been whining about it when you go out to eat with friends. Throw on some clothes and shoes you can sweat in and get out the door running before you have a chance to think about it.

You have access to pools and open bodies of water, and you’ve been telling people how you can swim like a fish, but you only get wet while showering before work. Get your hide to the edge of the water and jump in without testing the temperature with your toes.

You tell people about your plans to practice the piano, but instead you dress it up with too many plants and picture frames and it’s best not to mess with the decor. Drop your hands on the keys and don’t lift them until you are radiating with joy.

Just don’t talk about it. Do it.