In A Row Boat With You (Instrumental)


“In A Row Boat With You” – listen:

Album Art By Word To Flesh: In a Row Boat With You

Written for a client that wanted a mellow unz-unz-unzy house feel, I was happy that the direction went towards the guitars being up front in the mix.

This track was made for a video that had late visual changes (locked picture is usually still a couple revisions away from being locked :), and in order to make the music work with the adjusted visuals, I dropped a beat near the midsection — there are some reverse cymbals that signal this change, and then you hear beat 4 of a measure turn into beat 1 of the next.

Playing the music is way more fun than programming it. Synths don’t bring me joy. I’m best setup for tracking guitars, so I’m gonna remain guitar-centric in my recording approach.

As a rule of thumb, I want to use virtual instruments mainly as texture under live-tracked instruments.

It’s fun to interpret keyboard-based songs on guitar–the end destination is always surprising.

Here’s the initial idea at the rhodes:

Sheet music by Word To Flesh: In A Row Boat With You. Key of Ab

Donaji’s drawn lyrics of the tune:

Drawn Lyrics By Donaji Mejia: In A Rowboat With You

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20160421 Sketches

Drawings and Sketches

Art by Word To Flesh: 20160421 InterviewArt by Word To Flesh: 20160421 Interview

||: Possibilities – Decisions : ||

Red Letters

Word To Flesh Red Letters: ||: Possibilities - Decisions :||
Word To Flesh Red Letters: Jazz Possibilities - Classical Decisions

When I think of jazz I think of possibilities.

When I think of classical I think about decisions.

Possibilities and decisions in real-time vs. possibilities decided on and transcribed.

There’s jazz in classical, there’s classical in jazz.

I’m going in circles here…

Note Taking: Sia with FaceCulture, 2010

Note Taking

Word To Flesh Note-Taking:Sia with FaceCulture, 2010:Can't do the not-fun stuff anymore/ Why did I Want This? What The fuck was I thinking? I don't need the accolades/ There's only some voices that have a tone that, like, reaches me. There's not very many of those singers/ PC-Vibe. No thoughts in my head/ Just channeling/ Soul-barf: shit out. Get rid of it/ Living dream of 10 year old/ Addicted to television/This is a great song! This is a shit song! I don't think you can be objective/ Make music. Put it out. Kate Bush performed once/ N.Y. anonymity/ Everybody is equal/ I enjoy the show. Everything else I could leave behind/ Awkward pedestals/ I have, like, 7 albums on my computer: Elvis, Jeff Buckley, Dolly Parton, Lauryn Jill, K.D. Lang...did I say, Jimi Hendrix?...what else...oh, the Jackson Five

Visual notes while watching Sia’s interview with FaceCulture in 2010.

Note taking: Daredevil – Season 2 – Episodes 1-2

Note Taking

Word To Flesh Notes: Daredevil Season 2 Episodes 1-2 Notes: The law belongs to me; piss on 'em all; WIT-PRO; Exit; the Devil came for (on) me; don't want to lose you; in/out; daft woman; relax/be fine; your bell rung; hump to completion/ real soft/ re-rack; kick me right in the balls; nice duds; spread your blast; come in; punish him